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Aug 10, 2013 6:00pm PDT
, turn our thoughts to him. >> following may's accident, safeti' in the america's cup competition became a major focus of all the teams. now, finals for the louis vuitton cup will resume on saturday. the winner of that stage will then go on to face team oracle for the america's cup title. reporting live, sergio sergio quinn -- quintana, abc7 news. >> a bizarre story from the north bay, good sam marry taken saved a girl trapped on a runaway horse and carriage. the horse handler was giving rides at a family event and had an 11-year-old girl riding in the carriage. the horse was spooked and that's when it took if a running and bucking, it threw the man and knocked over a street sign. a man driving by hulled his truck in front of the carriage and struck it, breaking the horse free and stopping the carriage and young girl and the horse was capturedded down the road. the girl is expected to be okay. >>> a michigan bride is walking down the aisle today. something doctors told her family just four weeks ago she wouldn't be able to do. 29 year meghan warren was busy planning her wedding when she
Aug 17, 2013 6:00pm PDT
damage at the america's cup race today. >> why dozens of people in the east bay challenged ac transit at a meeting today. >>> why a second northern california city is saying, no, they will not host a section of >> there some tense moments on the bay during the opener to the louis vuitton sailing finals. two sailors from new zealand were thrown overboard when their yacht nose dived into the water during competition. watch this amazing video. the sailors were picked up by a rescue boat within seconds. thank goodness. that yacht also suffered some minor damage when a tarp tore apart. they held on to beat the italian team today. >> new at 6:00, santa rosa is becoming the second city to pass on next year's amgen bike tour. city officials say donors need a break and predict a hiatus will generate more interest in the race. santa rosa as hosted a stage of the tour for seven the past eight years, bringing in an estimated $20 million for the region. the city of livermore has also said it will not host a stage of the race next year. >>> also new at 6:00, ac transits bus riders are voicing their op
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2